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What is Violet Sunn Armada?

Music evolution is constant, the chapters roll through time in an endless sonic alchemy of vision, reverence and the certainty of new beginnings for those who dare make their mark. In early February of 2017, a group gathered on the Potomac River shore to begin the recording of their maiden album, no one could have known the sound that would be born from these sessions.

The culmination of their throwback influences, faithful nods to classic recipes of the 60’s and 70’s brewed the perfect renaissance of power, dynamics and spiritual vibe to forge an identity all their own. This was the genesis of a new rock band… this is Violet Sunn Armada.

  1. Aria (sample) Violet Sunn Armada © 2018 All Rights Reserved 0:37
  2. Then The Rain (sample) Violet Sunn Armada © 2018 All Rights Reserved 0:43
  3. invictus (sample) Violet Sunn Armada © 2018 All Rights Reserved 0:29
  4. Mind's Eye (sample) Violet Sunn Armada © 2018 All Rights Reserved 0:38
  5. Caviar & Troubled Rat (sample) Violet Sunn Armada 0:42

The Band

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Cole Hadel

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Jean Violet

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Shawn Love

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John Hummel

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Dave Krol


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